BMW Motorrad Safari Ride Experience Debuts In India

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BMW Motorrad has announced the debut of its riding experience – BMW Motorrad Safari – in India. Conceptualized exclusively for BMW motorcycle owners, BMW Motorrad Safari will be organized in four varied formats – Deccan Safari, Mountain Safari, Desert Safari and International Safari – each exploring different destinations every year.

The series will kick-start with the BMW Motorrad Deccan Safari from Bengaluru to Kabani from March, 23-25 2018.

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BMW Motorrad Safari is a touring style event, which runs for 5 to 7 days, starting and ending at the same location. It is a completely guided tour on pre-decided picturesque routes where riders enjoy a mix of accommodation, entertainment and food along the way. Route maps are shared in advance and BMW Motorrad experts guide participants throughout the ride. To ensure a relaxed ride, participants are allowed to go at their own pace and soak in the sights along the route. Socialising is a big part of BMW Safari life. It is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and create life-long memories.

Registration for the first BMW Motorrad Deccan Safari in India can be made by visiting BMW Motorrad website.

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The following regulations apply-

  • The rides are open only for BMW Motorcycle owners.
  • Participants are required to hold a valid driver’s license (at the time of the event).
  • The bike has to be in good technical condition. The organizers are entitled to exclude vehicles that are not fit for the ride.
  • All riders must be equipped with suitable rider gear.
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