BMW M4 drifting recklessly through streets of Moscow is dangerous titillation

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BMW M4 Drifting on Moscow Streets - 3

Racing and drifting is better left for a track or probably an abandoned airstrip. That however is a difficult task to explain to this bunch of vodka gulping geniuses. We recently stumbled upon this video which is probably made after topping the clear liquid with some contraband items. The video, uploaded by YouTube channel Zelimkhan Shm is everything you should not do on public roads. The “professional pilot” of the BMW M4 is seen pulling some really insane (and dangerous) drifts on Moscow’s city roads.

Oh and that’s not it. The folks who uploaded the video have issued a clarification for their self indulgent act by stating that “Every scene was filmed in the cordoned off streets and performed by a professional pilot” under the video on YouTube

BMW M4 Drifting on Moscow Streets - 4

That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. We have all seen Ken Block and his ilk shred and smoke the hell out of rubber, and we know how it looks like when you do things ‘professionally’. This specific video from Russia is nowhere even close to what a professional, “filmed in cordoned off streets” footage looks like, though.

What we find even more bewildering is that the smoking, sliding car nonchalantly passes by a bunch of police pursuit vehicles, and we don’t see a brow (or a siren) getting raised. Guess the greenbacks work even better in Russia than they do in our motherland. The BMW M4, which apparently does not even have a registration plate, is seen drifting dangerously close to other vehicles on public streets while sliding on to the opposite lane of the road. The driver only stops after the tyres have shredded and the rims are wailing for relent, emanating sparks.

The video quality itself is ridiculously amateur and is actually, slightly rescued by the editing skills. Check out the “professional pilot perform the stunts in cordoned off streets” below. Do let us know if you agree with our views or otherwise through the comments section below.

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