Blaupunkt India launches Velocity and Blue Magic Sound Range

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Velocity Vx652 Front
Blaupunkt India have launched their range of high performance sound – Blue Magic and Velocity. Here we have the images and details about these new products.


Velocity is the latest from Blaupunkt with Oversized magnets, optimal basket geometry, hard-wearing surrounds and quality tweeter materials which guarantee rich sound reproduction for any music type.

The Velocity brand from Blaupunkt was first introduced in 1997. With this new launch, the Velocity range is back, setting a new standard in car hi-fi systems.

The new Velocity range, uses breakthrough digital sound technology, innovative materials, smarter design and coordination of individual components to guarantee outstanding live sound reproduction. Blaupunkt is currently launching two models, with additional products to follow in 2013.

Velocity VX 692 and VC 652, have been designed to fit different vehicle requirements and delivers an amazing live sound experience across a variety of music types.

Highlights of Velocity Speakers include:

  Oversized magnets
  Optimal basket geometry
  Nominal power handling: 80 watts
  Maximum power handling: 320 watts
  Hard -wearing surrounds, quality cone and tweeter materials guarantee rich sound reproduction for any music type
  Breakthrough digital sound technology
  Extremely superior and innovative materials
  Smarter design and perfect coordination of individual components

Blue Magic Speakers

Blue Magic TL170 Sub Woofers
Blue Magic are specially designed with attention to details and high quality injected PP membranes. The special surface structure and innovative cone colours, together with its attractive rubber ring to cover the magnets, and stylish 6-head screws, give the Blue Magic products a modern, premium look and feel across the entire product line.

The Blue Magic speaker series is available in Co-axial, Tri-axial, Quad-axial, and component speakers.

•       Clear focus on attractive design and power
•       8 different models / 5 sizes (100/130/160/170/6×9”)
•       Coaxial, Tri-axial, Quad-axial and Component speakers
•       3 ohms impedance for improved sound
•       New attractive grill design with metal mesh
•       New tweeter flange design
•       Special designed Injected PP membrane
•       Additional vent holes in the basket for improved voice coil heat dissipation
•       Magnet covered with rubber ring

Blue Magic subwoofers.

BlueMagic XLf200A Frontal

The elegant design, combined with advance materials and surfaces, and new attractive grill made of metal mesh, is a genuine treat to have in any vehicle, be it in the trunk or below your front seat. With a powerhouse built by a high powered-Class D amplifier, which is extremely efficient, perfectly matched-up with its sophisticated subwoofers, these active subwoofers are meant to give you high power, deep bass, and great peak power handling.

With less heat produced, these active subwoofers are made compact in size, giving extra flexibility of installation in various car cabins. The XLb200 and XLb 300A , comes with a Wired Gain remote control that allows you to control the Gain directly from your cockpit. Without having to wire the XLf 200 A to your car battery, you can easily power it up by using the EPC (Easy Power Connection) and connecting it to your 12V supply via the cigarette lighter compartment.

Highlights of the Blue Magic Series include:

  Active Subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-D Amplifier
  Amplifier with high power output: 500 Watts RMS / 1.000 Watts Max.Power
  Perfectly matching subwoofer with high rated and peak power handling
  Automatic power-on via high level, RCA/Cinch and remote signal input
  Centered speaker position
  New attractive grill design with metal mesh
  6-head srews
  Enclosure with special construction (MDF)
  Wired Remote Control (GAIN control)
  Special adapter for Power/Ground/Remote cables (6-head screws)

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Pankaj Jagwani, Director, Blaupunkt, India said, “With four times more power, the velocity car audio range promises to change the sound experience in India, whereas the Blue Magic Series are meant to give you high power, deep bass, and great peak power handling. We are confident that both these
products will be well received by the auto industry in India.”

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