Bike-Taxi Service Provider Rapido Starts its Operations In Mumbai

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Metro Cities are known for their busy streets during the peak working hours of the day. It is very time-consuming to navigate through the traffic using a car-taxi or any other form of public transport. Apart from this, a two-wheeler is always considered as a pocket-friendly, hassle-free, and a quick way of commuting throughout the city. This is where the concept of using a bike-taxi comes in handy. The bike-taxi isn’t a very popular solution and is not available at a mass scale, in an organized and planned manner, in Maharashtra state. However, other states of India have a solution to this issue, and it is known as Rapido- India’s largest bike taxi operator.

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The bike-taxi service provider Rapido, has begun operation in the state of Maharashtra, starting with the heavily populated Mumbai city. Speaking about the company, Rapido is a ride-sharing service, which began in 2015. Fast-forward to 2020, Rapido is now present in over 100 cities with its 15 lakh rider partners. Moreover, by expanding its presence in Maharashtra, Rapido has already hired close to 2,000 Captains (driver-partners) in Mumbai, and the company also plans to generate job opportunities for another 2 lakh rider partners over the period of the next 2 years. Being a two-wheeler taxi service provider, the company aims to provide pocket-friendly fare to attract customers. In Mumbai, Rapido has announced that the fares will be set to Rs 6 per km. Also, to attract customers, the company will provide an introductory offer, under which, customers can enjoy 50 per cent off on their first ride.

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, and the lack of proper social distancing between the rider and pillion on a two-wheeler, Rapido has announced a list of safety measures it was following during its operations throughout India. These safety measures include- wearing a mask compulsory for both rider and passenger, sanitizing every touch-point on the two-wheeler at regular intervals. Also, the Captains will have to use the Arogya Setu app when they are on duty. Apart from this, Rapido will also provide free cancellation if Captains or customers are found without masks. In addition to this, Rapido has also updated its app, to show the Red zones or containment zones on every route. The company also requests the customers to wear a mask at all times and carry a hand sanitizer with them.

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