Bentley Mulsanne

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What you see in the pics is the new Bentley Mulsanne that was unveiled at the Concours in Pebble Beach, California. The Mulsanne tag was earlier worn by the predecessor of the Arnage, which will be replaced by the new Mulsanne in 2010. The ‘Mulsanne’ name is derived from the ‘Mulsanne Straight’, the fastest straight at Le Mans, where Bentley has recorded five historic victories. The Arnage been around, largely unchanged, since 1998 and was getting a bit long in the tooth.

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The new Mulsanne is a clean sheet design, developed on Bentley’s new platform specifically developed for this car. It looks like a modern Bentley, as contemporary as the Continental albeit with design cues from the Arnage. The Mulsanne will be built with exquisite detailing with each car taking 400 hours to build of which 200 will be consumed by hand-building tasks.

Power comes from a 6.75 litre V8 with over 500 bhp capable of hurtling the car to 300Kph.

Bentley is planning to sell around 700 Mulsannes a year, priced at around £200,000 (1.6 Crores exclusive of taxes).

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