Batmobile? Naah…it’s the Praga R1

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Praga r1 racecar(5)

It’s but obvious to mistaken the Praga R1 for a batmobile- the matching sinister black paint and a strikingly similar cabin. In fact it would still make up for a pretty good match for the Hollywood Superhero. Though the engine capacity looks miniscule by superhero standards- it does pack in decent punch with the 2.0 litre Renault Sport formula motor cranking out a respectable 210 bhp @ 7250 rpm. Good enough to chase the bad guys or to escape one on the busy American streets- but then it’s a track bred race car manufactured by Czech based Praga Cars.

Praga r1 racecar

The body panels aren’t bullet proof, still lightweight fiberglass construction with carbon and Kevlar reinforcements with the doors composed out of carbon fibre. The 592 kgs low floor racer is suspended on KONI 2-way adjustable suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars. The car’s aerodynamics ensures enough downforce to keep it glued to the road with an adjustable low drag carbon fibre rear wing.

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The interiors aren’t too flashy or luxurious and stick to the point. Seating is taken care of by custom made Praga carbon Kevlar racing seat with side head rest. A 2-way adjustable quick release Cosworth steering wheel with display, adjustable pedals, paddles and rotary switches comprise of the control part. The driver is kept hugged into the seat in an event of a mishap by FIA approved SCHROTH 6 point seat-belts. And as for the lights, the Praga R1 sports latest tech LED lights including rain and turn blinkers.

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The Praga R1 racecar could be all yours for €119000 (standard) with the Turbo variant at a higher €139000 with further enhancement options at extra price. The sad part is the engine lasts only 10,000 kms- but then it would take a hell lot of driving to clock a 10k around the race track!

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