Bajaj Pulsar 220 S goes out of production?

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We have been reporting that the current line up of Pulsar range of bikes will not be discontinued when the all new generation of Pulsar debuts with the launch of the 200NS. However, the current bikes will be discontinued over the period of time to make way for more modern machines. Now, the 220F is the flagship bike of the Pulsar series, the F referring to the quarter fairing. We also saw the 220S where S stood for Street Fighter and the bike sported similar looks to the now defunct 200 DTSi. Without the bigger fairing and the 55W projector headlamps, Bajaj was able to offer a powerful machine at a great price point. However, recently, we never saw too many 220S on roads and now, a popular bike website says that the 220S might be discontinued. This is being said owing to the fact that Bajaj’s official website has no mention of the 220S in  the bike manufacturer’s product portfolio. Some other sources too say that the production of the 220S has now been discontinued. It may be noted that the launch of the next gen Pulsar-200 NS is just round the car and it might be a matter of few months before the remaining of the Pulsar bikes get discontinued.

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