Bajaj KTM 200 spotted near Pune

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We brought to you the spy video of Bajaj KTM 200 earlier. This time around, one of our friends Aniket has managed to take pictures of this baby somewhere around Pune. Our Motorep for Goa Akshay Tendulkar sent us these pictures via email.

The 200cc bike will be powered by a four valve, liquid cooled single which would be good for more than 20PS of peak power. Upside down forks, advanced mono-supension, good ground clearance, trellis frame and radical styling are the features which would make this orange machine stand apart from its competition. It won’t be a very practical bike though for pillion riders looking at the step seat which doesn’t seem suited for the backseat rider.

Nothing official has been said about the pricing, but the advent of the CBR250R means that anything above the Rs 1.5-lakh mark would be unacceptable for this kind of a bike in the Indian market. Hope Bajaj KTM realize the fact and price it aggressively.

Expect of lot of technology from the 200 to filter down into the next-generation pulsars which would be designed and developed from the ground up.

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