Bajaj Dominar 400 Gets A Makeover From Autologue Design To Look Like The Ducati Diavel


It’s no news that the Bajaj Dominar 400 does remind us of the Italian power cruiser, the Ducati Diavel. But some want the biggest Bajaj motorcycle to look more like the Diavel. In April 2017, Autologue Designs announced the Ducati Diavel inspired body-kit for Bajaj’s Dominar 400, the Domivel (Dominar + Diavel). The kit will get you tank shrouds (available in either matte black or body colour), belly cover, seat cowl and a tail tidy setup which will set you back by about INR 20,000.

 the Autologue Designs Domivel - headlight

While back in April it was still under development, the folks at Autologue Designs recently presented their final product and it looks pretty decent. The tank shrouds give the already muscular Dominar a beefier look. The body coloured rear cowl, similar to the Italian power cruiser, is removable and looks pretty much similar to the unit on the Diavel. The white stripe that runs through the length of the motorcycle adds a good contrast to the mix. We did have a difficult time finding the rear number plate but going by the render which was presented back in April, the Domivel may feature a similar unit like the Diavel.

 The Autologue Designs Domivel - rear view - taillight

The added body panels will add to the weight of the motorcycle which may affect the power-to-weight ratio but in return you’re likely to get better stability on the highway.

In case you don’t want to get the full set, here’s how much individual parts will cost you:

  • Tank Shrouds – INR 6,500
  • Engine cover – INR 4,500
  • Tail modification – INR 4,500
  • Seat cowl – INR 3,500
  • Tyre Hugger – INR 3,000

Here are some more images of the Autologue Designs Domivel. Do let us know your views about the motorcycle through the comments section below.

Domivel – Autologue Customs
Domivel – Autologue Customs – side view – taillight
Domivel – Autologue Customs – rear view – taillight
The Autologue Designs Domivel – Side View
The Autologue Designs Domivel – Side View – wheels – headlight
The Autologue Designs Domivel – headlight