Automotive Advertising is now more strict: ASCI

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Watching the various 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler ads must have left our jaws open owing to the marvelous stunts and skills displayed in them. For instance, the new CBZ Xtreme ad and the earlier Pulsar Mania ad and many more involved life threatening stunts. But in clear words below, the message is clear that these stunts are performed by experts and should not be tried out. However, ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) has found this inefficient and has thus tightened the laws for automotive advertising.

As per the new guidelines, manufacturers will be refrained from creating and displaying ads that prove to be dangerous in real life. The council recommends ads that promote traffic rules and ethics like wearing a helmet and seatbelt and also not using mobile phones while driving. The council wants to make sure that ads do not display inspiring acts like speeding and dangerous stunts in public places.

According to Alan Colaco, Secretary General, ASCI, ‘The additions to the ASCI advertising code is in line with the swift changes happening in the Indian advertising and marketing world. ASCI realizes that cutthroat competition among products and the need for uniqueness can sometimes lead to senseless exaggeration and depiction of unsafe practices. The recent set of guidelines for automotive manufacturers seeks to make advertising content safer and healthier for the general public.’

The very famous Pulsar Mania Ad

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