Auto Expo 2018 : Emflux One Electric Performance Motorcycle Looks Like An Alien Spaceship


The Made in Bangalore Emflux One Electric Sport Bike finally showed its face and it’s unlike anything that we’ve seen. Its unconventional design features muscular styling and a (really long) vertically stacked LED headlight. The motorcycle draws power from a Emflux Li-ion, Liquid Cooled Modular Battery Pack with Integrated High Power Samsung Cells. With the Emflux WARP Charger, the battery can be recharged to 80% in 36 minutes. A regular wall charger will take upto 3 hours to do the same.

The motorcycle has been priced at INR 6 lakh.

The motor can deliver a peak torque of 84 Nm and maximum power of 60 kW or 80 hp. However, Emflux have restricted the numbers to 75 Nm and 71 hp. The top speed too, has been electronically limited to 200 kmph while naught-100 kmph takes just 3.0 seconds. The claimed city range stands at 200 km while the highway range at speeds of 80 kmph is said to be 150 km.

Additional features include:

  • Parking/Walking Assist: which can be used to move the motorcycle back and forth at speeds of upto 3 kmph
  • Charger Locator to locate and book charging through Emflux charging app/Emflux ONE Dashboard
  • Full LED lighting
  • Lightweight Glass-fibre panels (upgradeable to Ultralight Carbon Fibre panels)

Check out the full specifications in the image below (click to expand):

Check out the Emflux One through the video below:

Emflux One Image Gallery


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