Auto Expo 2014 LIVE: Mahindra M1 Electro Formula e contender [Images & Details]


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We are reporting LIVE from  Auto Expo 2014 and the new Mahindra M1 Electro has just been unveiled.

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The M1 will be seen sweating it out in the 2014 Formula e Championship and the new car comes from the Reva electric car division of Mahindra. The Formula e Championship starts in September this year and will be held on street circuits of 10 major cities in the world.

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Powering the new Mahindra M1 Electro is an electric traction motor, which gets its juice from a traction battery. The electronics for the new car come from McLaren! The M1 Electro’s chassis is made up of carbon/aluminium honeycomb structure that comes from Dallara, which is the same company that supplies chassis to Formula 3 championship and India’s MRF Challenger series cars.

The new car has a max power of 270hp. However, for battery-saving during the races, the race mode will extract only 180 hp of max power. 

Here are some more images of the new Mahindra M1 Electro from the Auto Expo 2014

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mahindra-m1-electro-images-expo- (3)

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