Australian Family Doesn’t Recognize Lewis Hamilton; Asks Him to Take A Picture of Them


No, we aren’t joking ! This incident actually took place in Australia. Well, you can imagine such incidents happening with some less known athletes every now and then, but this happening to one of the world’s wealthiest and most recognizable athletes ?


The incident took place post the 2015 season opener F1 race in Australia. Current Formula 1 World Champion,Lewis Hamilton won the race and was just chilling in Sydney, when a family of tourists stopped and asked him for a picture. Now, people like Lewis are used to fans asking him for a picture, so he mistook them. He thought they wanted to be clicked with him, but poor Lewis didn’t knew that they were actually asking him to click their family photo in front of the Opera House. Also, Hamilton happened to be the only one around. Once he processed the situation, Hamilton happily obliged and continued on his walk.


Now, fans of Hamilton know how he went on to become the current Formula 1 World Champion with no big bank balance in his fathers name in his teenage. But it seems, Australia isn’t the place where people know him. Have you come across a similar situation where you saw someone mistaking a celeb for a common man ? Let us know those incidents in the comments section below.

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  • Rohan Patil says:

    You can see in the photograph that it is indeed him. Plus we have a tweet from FIA which mentions the same.

  • Alakh Sundaram says:

    Who clicked Lewis then?

  • Azeem Parkar says:

    SO, Lewis Hamilton has hair? 😛 *Joke*, But, If there was nobody else around, the question is, how did you guys figure out that it was him indeed? Since the family didn’t go home and google their mysterious photographer, and neither did Lewis tell you guys that he was asked to take a photograph of a family.

    Food for thought!