Audi will launch Q5 hybrid by 2010 end

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Audi has officially confirmed that it will be launching a hybrid variant of its junior SUV Q5 by the end of next year. The hybrid Q5 was actually slated to be launched at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The hybrid Q5 will be powered by a 3.2 liter V6 petrol engine in collaboration with a lithium ion battery pack for the electric motor. The manufacturer has not released any other details about its upcoming hybrid model. Once launched, it will be Audi’s first hybrid model.

According to Micheal Dick, chief of R&D at Audi, the manufacturer is looking forward to make the Q5 their first true hybrid model and the plan is to have it ready for lithium ion technology. The quote was given to Autocar UK. During an interview conducted last year, Dick told the magazine that Audi had postponed plans of developing a hybrid Q7 and instead favoured the hybrid development for the smaller Q5. We suspect that Audi cancelled plans of a hybrid Q7 as the model is registering high sales across the globe. The recently launched hasn’t managed an impressive outing so far. The hybrid Q5 is likely to attract attention for being an SUV which does its bit for the environment

Automotive manufacturers across the globe have been utilizing their technological prowess in developing hybrid cars for the past couple of years. Audi is the latest manufacturer to join the hybrid bandwagon. Hybrid cars are a step in the right direction given the global warming issue and rising prices of crude oil globally.

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