Aston Martin Might Bring Back Its Glorious 6-Cylinder Engine

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Aston Martin, along with their German colleague, Mercedes, might bring back the straight-6 cylinder engine in all its prestige. Both the companies signed a contract which allowed Aston Martin to use Mercedes’ in-house performance division, AMG’s 4-litre twin-turbo V8. The engine was used in the stunning DB11.


As Mercedes holds a 5 percent stake in Aston Martin, it would be easy for the UK based manufacturer to bring back the straight-6 back to life with the help of AMG. This decision comes under action after the British Government decided to ban all petrol and diesel powered engines by 2040. This decision has sent a shock wave in the British automobile sector. To cope up with this decision, manufacturers are using every formula in their books to make their engines efficient.


The straight-6 was quite popular back then. With cars like DB4 and DB5 using this powerhouse, it was during 1970 with the launch of Vantage that Aston began to use V8 as their preferred engine. Aston Martin has also made it clear that they are assessing new powertrains and that in the next 10 years, every Aston Martin which will roll out from the production line will have some sort of electric assistance. Aston is also seeking help from Williams Advance Engineering to build a fully electric version of Rapid, the RapidE which will start rolling out in 2019.


In a recent interview, DB11’s Vehicle Line Director, Paul Barritt said, “We will just keep a watching brief and see what fits in with our plans. You can see the direction of travel within the industry and we’d be foolish not to be looking at the sixes, and we’re still looking at eights and twelves.” The 3.0-litre inline-six, twin-turbocharged engine produces 435hp and 384Nm of torque. This engine is used in the on-sale face-lift version of the S-Class. With Aston’s Craftsmanship and Mercedes’ engineering potency, the next car must have to be one masterpiece.

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