Aston Martin to launch new models and tech in 2016


If you are an avid James Bond fan, you would notice that the Aston Martins used in the movies look more or less identical. Well, Aston Martin is up for a change now as the British car manufacturer has decided to upgrade its entire model line up.

The new strategy involves Aston Martin reinventing itself as a supercar manufacturer fit to take on Ferrari. The company plans to execute this transformation by way of new technology and a fresh design language.

The company decided to take this step in response to criticism faced by today’s lineup. Aston Martin plans to differentiate its models from each other, putting them more in competition with the clearly defined and executed models from Ferrari.


Aston Martin’s significant makeover is expected to begin with the all-new DB9 set for a late 2016 reveal as a 2017MY (Model Year). The new DB9 will be powered by a Mercedes-AMG engine built specifically for Aston Martin. The DB9 will probably be followed by a replacement for the V8 and V12 Vantage. The Vanquish may follow the Vantage a year after. The Lagonda SUV will take time to arrive as Aston Martin plans to stick to the supercar development at this stage. With these new models scheduled, Aston Martin hopes to turn the figures in the ledger in green.

Aston Martin’s next-generation VH architecture is being engineered to accommodate Mercedes’ engines and technology. The new-generation VH architecture will be cleaner design which will be able to accommodate a more diverse range of body styles and designing.

Aston Martin rapide S exterior (2)

In terms of power, the new engines that are expected to make way towards the Aston Martin will be AMG’s upcoming twin-turbocharged V8 which is a 4.0-litre capacity crucial to tapping into lower tax brackets in markets including China. It is also reported that a V12 engine, based on AMG’s twin-turbo 6.0-litre unit, will also make way to Aston’s future range, although possibly as a naturally-aspirated unit.

An petrol-electric hybrid may also be in offering from Aston Martin featuring an electric motor incorporated into the transmission. Manufacturers expect a number of global cities to adopt zero-emissions zones by the end of the decade, so a hybrid model is an essential part of the new-generation Aston Martin line-up.



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