Aprilia RS 660 With an Akrapovič Sounds Manic!

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Swapping the exhaust system to increase the performance and aural drama is probably one of the first modification that a motorcyclist opts for, especially when we consider the case of high-end performance motorcycles. If you are into automobiles, you must have heard of a bunch of magicians who work together to form Akrapovič. The company makes one of the best aftermarket exhausts in the world and in most cases, sticks true to the expectations which tag along with the name and the brand. The company has now released two exhaust systems for the Aprilia RS 660.

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The RS 660 is Aprilia’s take at a middleweight supersport machine. And as expected, Akrapovič has rolled out a plug-and-play street-legal exhaust, and a track-only racing exhaust to choose from.

Aprilia RS 660 akrapovic exhaust

Plug-and-play street-legal exhaust, as the name suggests, doesn’t require any special engine mapping for optimal function. It offers a power boost of 2.4 horsepower at 11,200 rpm, as well as a 3.66 nm torque gain at 4,550 rpm.

Aprilia RS 660 akrapovic exhaust (2)

On the other hand, the Racing Line (Carbon) exhaust designed only for track use offers a claimed 4.1 horsepower boost at 11,200 rpm, and a 4.88 torque gain at 4,500 rpm. As expected, there’s some weight saving as well, as compared to the stock setup.

As can be heard in the video above, the RS 660 with an Akrapovič exhaust sounds just the way an Aprilia should. You wouldn’t expect a twin-cylinder motorcycle to deliver some nice background score while you are carving the canyons but the RS660 shines in this department. Hours have been spent listening to the Aprilia V4 twins making the racetracks and the valleys rumble with their roar. The same is going to get repeated in the case of RS660 as well.

Aprilia RS 660 akrapovic exhaust (2)

Aprilia motorcycles are renowned for their raspy exhaust note which might send shivers down your spine. While the RS660 might not sound as ungodly as its bigger and badder brother, it still lives up to its name. Slapping an Akrapovič exhaust surely accentuates the aural drama even further!

The RS 660 is powered by a liquid-cooled 659cc parallel twin-cylinder engine with a 270° crank, it’s essentially the front half of the V4 RSV4 1100 and uses the same 81mm bore and a 63.9mm stroke. It produces a class-leading 99bhp, has 49ftlb of torque and weighs just 183kg ready to go!

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