Aprilia eSR1 Officially Unveiled and It’s NOT an Electric SR160!

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The popular Italian motorcycle brand, Aprilia enjoys a good following amongst two-wheeler fans around the world. Even in India, people actually look forward to seeing more of Aprilia around our roads and also, own one. Recently, Aprilia unveiled its gorgeous maxi-scooter, the SXR 160, which created quite a buzz around itself, maybe because it is one of the only few maxi-scooters available in our country today.

Expectations vs Reality

Now, it seems that the Aprilia eSR1 scooter has seemingly made its official debut. But, its nothing like you are imagining it to be.

Aprilia esr1 micro scooter

When the news first came out that Aprilia has trademarked the name ‘eSR1’, it was being assumed that the company was going to unveil an electrified version of either the SR160. Design renders started making rounds on the internet as we waited patiently for Aprilia to join the electric revolution with the electric SR160 but then, the official unveiling happened.

The Aprilia eSR1 is actually a micro scooter. Yes, you read that right, a micro scooter! Yes, it’s not something which you could take out to a long ride or stuff, but it’s a sort of a scooter that you can toggle around in the city and have a fun time, maybe.

Specs and features

The Aprilia eSR1 sits on a magnesium alloy frame which makes it lighter. Also on offer are the funky looking 10” wheels. In the braking department, it features a cable operated single disc brake on the rear wheel. The front is a different story. In the front, it features a regenerative braking system which is mounted inside an electric motor which is packed inside the front wheel. Regen braking for those unaware is a system that charges the battery by drawing energy from the axle which otherwise would have been lost.

Aprilia eSR1 micro scooter (2)

Talking about what drives this thing, it moves around drawing power from a 350W brushless motor that is fed from a 280Wh battery pack which is of course, removable. This makes it convenient and simple to charge this thing up whenever needed like say at your workplace or at a cafe. This battery boasts a mileage of around 18 miles which is around 29 km, which genuinely is a very impressive stat. Just goes to show the tech and goodies Aprilia can pack in and around.

Aprilia eSR1 micro scooter (1)

As for now, there is no official confirmation on whether or not will this micro scooter be available in India. But this is a kind of new thing for India and looks and seems a bit of fun. Globally, it might set you back by 659 Euros which is almost INR 60,000 here.

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