Apollo Tyres survey : A staggering 90% of Thailand rides on perfect tyre pressure, you should too!

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Ever felt altitude sickness during one of those challenging treks? Probably yes as on high altitudes, your lungs have to work harder to let that extra fresh air in. Unlike your body, your tyres rely on you for correct pressure monitoring.

So when was the last time you checked the tyre pressure of your vehicle? The correct air-pressure, recommended by the manufacturer for every vehicle, makes a noticeable difference in the handling and fuel economy. It also protects one from losing control, provides better braking and results in longer tyre life. Thus it is important for the tyres to operate on recommended pressure. The folks of Thailand probably understand it well and thus, in a recently concluded survey conducted by Apollo Tyres, it has been concluded that over 90% vehicles operate at the correct tyre pressure.

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The data was collected from the recently concluded Safe Drive Campaign in two locations in Thailand. The report revealed that less than 10% vehicles being driven around in the country had incorrect inflation pressure, out of which most were found to be driving with under-inflated tyres. Similar surveys by the company in other countries had shown that a larger percentage of vehicles were driving with incorrect inflation pressure in the tyres.

During the campaign, the representatives from Apollo Tyres conducted free checks on more than 315 vehicles’ tyres. This campaign was conducted by Apollo Tyres in association with Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, the Department of Highways, the Road Safety Policy Foundation Thailand and U Drink I Drive. The motorists were informed on how to extend the life of their tyres and avoid accidents through proper tyre care. Motorists were also informed about the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressure, use of valve caps, tyre rotation and wheel alignment & balancing.

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Under-inflation is hazardous but what about over-inflation?

Under-inflated or deflated tyres have poor vehicle handling and fail to stop quickly while braking, resulting in accidents due to lack of control. Low tyre pressure also consumes more fuel – a 20% under-inflation results in a 3% higher fuel consumption. Over-inflated tyres, on the other hand, tend to burst at high speeds and skid when the brakes are applied. Moreover, over-inflated tyres wear out much faster and are prone to failures like cuts and punctures.

Maintaining a correct tyre pressure is as crucial as using the right protective gear while riding a motorcycle or using the recommended oil and fuel type for your vehicle. It does not that that long either to get the pressure checked so next time you visit a fuel station, make sure to get your tyre pressure checked. Tyre pressure should be checked on cold tyres so make sure you do that when you start your journey instead of midway.

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