…And the 10th Ferrari 458 Italia gets barbecued!

Added in: Crashes

Honestly, we have lost count of how many Ferrari 458 Italia’s we’ve witnessed going up in flames or crashing into other moving to stationery objects. Just last week we brought you a compilation of the seven F458’s who didn’t live to see another day. And here, we are again with a new video of the 10th Ferrari going up in flames in China!

If you are wandering what happened to the  8th and 9th Ferrari whose fates were sealed, go to the next page:

Pics Courtery – wreckedexotics.com

The Eighth One

This one had less than 250 kms on the odometer and the owner had the car for just 6 hours before he ran into a ditch while trying to overtake another vehicle. This happened on August 11, 2010 in Pardubice, Czech Republic.

The Ninth One

This formerly gorgeous exotica was reduced to ashes and scrap when the engine caught fire in Costa Mesa, CA.


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