All-new Suzuki 1.4-liter Boosterjet petrol engine debuts at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

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Suzuki 1.4-liter boosterjet

Pushing another little dagger into the dying hearts of naturally aspirated engines, Suzuki has revealed a new 1.4-liter Boosterjet petrol engine at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. Among a new breed of compact, direct-injection turbocharged motors that joins the 1.0-liter Boosterjet engine in the Suzuki family, China will be the first market to sample this new motor.

This new Suzuki 1.4-liter Boosterjet engine features a lightweight and compact design that harnesses the benefits of direct-injection technology to maximize fuel-efficiency and employs a turbo charger for higher torque. For an efficient air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders, this new motor gets six-hole nozzles for the injectors and a high pressure fuel pump. The intake ports and pistons are optimally designed to generate a strong tumble flow which improves combustion efficiency. Helping the compact proportions is an exhaust port that has been incorporated into the cylinder head and a shorter intake manifold. About numbers and figures then, all this translates into 140 PS at 5500 rpm 220 Nm of twist between 1700-4000 clicks.

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