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Tyres – tire (American English) or tyre (British English) have come a long way, from being carved out of stones to the modern day, sophisticated soft compound slicks meant to tackle the most challenging circuits in the world.

So how did tyres evolve from Fred Flintstone’s leg propelled car to providing traction to Lewis Hamilton’s 900 hp W07? At Motoroids, we have crafted this special series to educate our readers about tyres, in association with tyre specialists Apollo Tyres. Come, take a walk with us through the history of tyres and witness the changes it has undergone in its story of more than 170 years. And no, we were not serious about Fred Flintstone’s car. Here is an infographic depicting the history of  tyre development as a timeline:

apollo-history-1 apollo-history-2



For those of you on a slower internet connection, here’s the timeline in the text format 

1844 – Charles Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber

Pre 1847 – Tyres were bands of leather, then iron, and later steel,
placed on wooden wheels

1847 – First patent for a standard pneumatic tyre appears

1888 – First practical pneumatic tyre made

1890 – CK Welsh patents the design of a wheel rim

1895 – Pneumatic tyres used on an automobile for the very first time
but the attempt isn’t successful

1903 – P.W. Litchfield patents the first tubeless tyre

1904 – Mountable rims were introduced. Frank Seiberling also invents
grooved tyres which offer improved traction

1905 – Frank Seiberling invents tread tyre for improved traction

1910 – Carbon black added to rubber to improve the life of tyres

1911 – Philip Strauss makes the first successful automobile tyre, had air filled inner tube

1920 – Synthetic rubbers invented

1923 – Balloon tyre invented

1937 – Invention of the first synthetic rubber tyres, Chemigum patented

1940 – Fuel saving tyres developed

1946 – Radial tyre construction patented

1947 – Tubeless tyre invented

1949 – Radial tyre invented

1967 – Combination of fiberglass belt to bias-ply tyre results in bias-belt tyre

1968 – American Magazine Consumer Reports acknowledges the superiority
of radial construction

1979 – Run-flat tyre developed

So that was our inaugural installment of this series aimed at educating you about everything you need to know about these indispensable components of two- and four wheelers. In our next issue  in the series, we will talk about the broad classification of car tyres and their respective applications. In the meantime, do share this story with your car enthusiast fans.

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