A-Star automatic to be launched in a week


After the launch of the Alto K10, Maruti Suzuki is gearing up for launching an automatic variant of the A-star in the coming weeks. While not many details about the new models have been revealed, the new car is closer to hitting the roads than one may imagine. The 1.0-litre k-series engine of the A-Star which was also recently introduced in the Alto will be mates with a four-speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission car will be slightly more expensive than the manual version and will most likely be available for a price of about Rs 4.5Lakh.

Being a patient of chronic backache, I completely understand what sense such cars make. Doing away with the clutch pedal spells enormous comfort in bumper to bumper driving conditions and can make all the difference between a healthy and a broken spine such as mine.  Auto transmission cars may be slightly expensive and may not be as fuel efficient as their manual brethren, but they are far more convenient to drive. The car will present a great option to females and executives who want the convenience of an auto transmission in a cheap car.
We’ll let you know as more details emerge on the topic, stay tuned…


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