3000 riders to gather for 5-year celebration of the H.O.G. India Rally

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Harley-Davidson India is all set to host its biggest H.O.G. Rally from February 16-18, 2017 in Goa. The rally is expected to be participated by upto 3,000 H.O.G. members from 26 Chapters. A rally site by the sea, India’s premiere comedy-rock band Vir Das’ Alien Chutney, a custom motorcycle zone and thousands of Harley-Davidson motorcycles cruising the streets in unison will set the tone for the five-year celebrations of the rally in Goa.

Custom Champion Contest

Every year, H.O.G. members display their customization skills. Individual riders from all over India will showcase their one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson motorcycles and compete for the grand prize of the H.O.G. Custom Champion Contest – tickets to the 77th Annual 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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Big 5 riders

Five H.O.G. rallies are held every year in India, four zonal rallies – Western H.O.G. Rally (W.H.R.), Eastern H.O.G. Rally (E.H.R.), Northern H.O.G. Rally (N.H.R.), Southern H.O.G. Rally (S.H.R.) and one National rally – H.O.G. India Rally. Once a rider has attended all 5 marquee events in one calendar year, they earn themselves a patch and the coveted title of ‘BIG FIVE’. The Big 5 patch commends riders on their passion and spirit for biking and spanning thousands of kilometers across the country. This year, 130 members out of the strong 12,000 H.O.G. members in India have completed the BIG FIVE! That makes more than 300 members completing the BIG 5 till date.


If Big Five wasn’t enough, eight H.O.G. members are on their way to join the ‘TRIPLE FIVE’ honour. All these riders from across India have covered one lakh plus kilometers individually on their Harleys.


Chapter of the Year – 2017

The intent of H.O.G. is to ride and have fun with like-minded individuals who have a passion for motorcycling and the brand. Each year, all the Chapters in the country organize multiple events and ride out to various locations in the quest for the coveted ‘Chapter of the Year’ trophy. The prestigious H.O.G. ‘Chapter of the year’ is awarded to the most active chapter, and for the collective effort and contributions made by the members in their chapter in one year.

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HOG 5-year celebration (5)
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