2022 Honda Grom Unveiled

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Honda had introduced its Grom in 2014 and since then, it has managed to sell more than 7.5 lakh+ units all around the globe. As any enthusiast, you would know why the Grom is such a popular motorcycle amongst people. It is definitely one of the most fun motorcycles to ride on out there. The mini moto has a major cult following of its own and its time to rejoice, all you Grom fans as Honda has officially unveiled the 3rd-gen Grom.

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The model-year 2022 or the 3rd gen Grom will hit the US market by May 2021 and will carry the same base price of USD 3399 MSRP which approximately translates to INR 2.49 lakhs. Some of the main highlights of the 2022 Grom are the addition of a 5th gear and higher top speed.


2022 Honda Grom 1

The 2022 Grom features nice-looking bodywork. It now features a lot of sleeker and straighter lines throughout and the Grom has always proved to be a treat for users who love mods. The Grom features a few removable body parts which in addition to its subtle styling, is a juicy invitation for customization.


2022 Honda Grom 2


Honda has also upgraded the LCD dash which now houses a gear position indicator. Along with that, the Grom now gets a new Pearl White colour scheme with golden forks for the SP variant. Other than that, it is also available in Queen Bee Yellow, Matte Black Metallic, and Candy Blue paint jobs.

Mechanically, it is powered by a 125cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine which complies with all the stringent emission standards. The engine now has a compression ratio of 10:1, up a bit from 9.3:1 previously. The 5-speed gearbox has considerably improved the overall performance of the Grom which can clock 59 mph or 95 kph of top speed on the speedo. The gearbox also provides a wider gear ratio and coupled with engine upgrades, Honda says this combination improves efficiency too.


2022 Honda Grom 3


Honda has also increased the fuel tank capacity from 1.48 gallons or 6.6 litres to 1.59 gallons or 7.23 litres. The seat on the updated Grom has been flattened out and made thicker to further enhance the ride comfort and now, you also get ABS on the Grom. We can’t wait to see some cool mods of the Grom and that gives rise to a certain question. Should Honda introduce the minimoto Grom in India as well?

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