2021 BMW S1000R Teased Ahead Of India Launch

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The current crop of supernaked streetfighters are aiming for astronomical performance figures, even making some of the litre-class faired superbikes shy away. Then there lies the recently unveiled 2021 BMW S1000R, carrying a placard that mind-numbing performance figures aren’t everything and going by their reputation of making one of the best motorcycles in the world, we believe them. The updated BMW S1000R is soon going to make its way here as the company has teased the motorcycle on its social media handles.

More details

For the record, the bike is already available for purchase in the international markets and the India-bound model will be almost similar to the unit sold outside.

BMW S1000R 2021

Aesthetics and other updates

The new S1000R looks more dynamic and proportionate than before, primarily because, just like the S1000RR, its naked sibling has also done away with asymmetrical headlamps. It now makes do with a more conventional-looking headlamp and houses LED lighting at both ends. The side panels and the belly pan have also been reworked. BMW incorporated several weight-saving measures while cosmetically updating the S1000R.

BMW S1000R 2021 (1)

The 2021 S1000R borrows S1000RR’s chassis, swingarm, and engine. This has resulted in prominent weight reduction and the S1000R now weighs 198 kgs which makes the S1000R the lightest bike in its class, according to the manufacturer.

Updated engine and chassis

The S1000RR derived 999cc inline-four engine attached to the 4-into-1 exhaust system is now Euro5 compliant. However, the performance figures remain unchanged. The S1000R still makes the same 165 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and 114 Nm at 9,250rpm. In order to reduce the noise and fuel consumption levels as well as the engine speed level, especially at cruising speeds on country roads, the 4th, 5th and 6th gears now have longer gear ratios. The new S 1000 R is also equipped with engine drag torque control (MSR) for the first time as an optional extra.

BMW S1000R 2021 (2)

Talking about the reworked chassis now, the frame and swingarm are based on the S 1000 RR and have been made considerably lighter in than their predecessor. BMW has also introduced ‘Flex Frame’ which offers further benefits due to its very narrow design. This considerably reduces the motorcycle’s width in the area of the knee contact area, thereby offering a more relaxed riding position. The handlebar is also easily adjustable to meet the rider’s needs and comes with two settings that push the bar forward by a third of an inch.

BMW S1000R 2021 (4)


The 2021 S1000R gets three riding modes “Rain”, “Road” and “Dynamic”. The fully configurable “Dynamic Pro” mode is also available with a particularly wide range of setting options as part of the “Riding Modes Pro” option. With “Riding Modes Pro”, the new S 1000 R also features the “Engine Brake” function in conjunction with the engine drag torque control (MSR) and the “Power Wheelie” function.

BMW S1000R 2021 (3)

As part of the “Riding Modes Pro” option, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) additionally supports the rider. It also gets Dynamic Traction Control DTC, ABS Pro with banking angle optimization. Another major inclusion is the 6.5-inch TFT screen which can be controlled using the left-hand side cluster.  A Bluetooth smartphone interface which allows app-based arrow navigation is already included as standard.

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