2017 BMW M3 India Video Review : Blended to Perfection

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The BMW M3 is a car with a history and an impeccable reputation. Known to be one of the best blends of performance and practicality, the M3 is as much at home while dropping the kids to school, as it is on the ractrack leaving a trail of white smoke in its wake while going sideways. We drove this four door machine for a day to understand and appreciate its dexterous ways and came back impressed with what it was capable to do in a variety of scenarios. Powered by a straight six twin turbo engine, the M3 belts out 425hp of raw power, and blended with a host of technologies and a chassis mastered by the M Division, it dishes out a driving experience which is quite unmatched. Here’s our detailed video review of the 2017 BMW M3, covering all the aspects of this wonderful machine

Overall Rating for BMW M3 is 4.5
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