2015 Tata Nano GenX launched; starts at INR 1.99 Lakh

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Tata Nano GenX Launch (1)

Tata Motors launched the new 2015 Tata Nano GenX today. Prices start at INR 1.99 Lakhs for the base XE variant with a manual transmission, while topping out at INR 2.89 Lakhs for the top end XTA variant with the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).

2015 Tata Nano GenX Prices (ex-showroom, Delhi) –

* Nano GenX XE MT – INR 1.99 Lakhs
* Nano GenX XM MT – INR 2.29 Lakhs
* Nano GenX XT MT – INR 2.49 Lakhs
* Nano GenX XMA AMT – INR 2.69 Lakhs
* Nano GenX XTA AMT – INR 2.89 Lakhs

This new Nano carries significant weight on its shoulders. The GenX Nano is tasked with changing the perceptions of its former self and to get rid of the old “cheap car” image. Bookings for the Nano GenX had commenced in April 2015 at INR 5000. Tata Motors is counting heavily on this small urban dweller to create a new wave of change. That starts with the 2015 Tata Nano GenX receiving certain incremental upgrades over its predecessor.

2015 Tata Nano GenX AmphiStream Music System (1)

AmphiStream music system is all-new on the GenX. Offers Bluetooth telephony function too.

The changes/reworks include, but not limited to a Magnetti Marelli-sourced 5-speed ‘Easy Shift’ AMT gearbox, 3-spoke steering wheel similar to the one found in the Bolt/Zest, better fit & finish, revised exterior styling, newer cabin fabrics, new upward opening hatch, Bluetooth-enabled AmphiStream music system with telephony feature and rear speakers, larger 110 litres of boot space (AMT version gets 94 litres), larger fuel tank with 24 litres of capacity, reworked instrument cluster, more rigid bodywork etc.

2015 Tata Nano GenX rear parcel tray (1)

The openable rear hatch and dual rear speakers are new on the GenX Nano.

The older Nano couldn’t really hold its own against other hatchbacks, the latter also had better image going for them. However, with the latest Nano, Tata Motors has significantly narrowed that gap for sure. The inclusion of the AMT gearbox has only made things better for this tallboy.

2015 Tata Nano GenX (61)

It’s almost a ‘smiley/grin’ face now. But that isn’t a bad thing we think.

Now to answer the ultimate question. Is the 2015 Tata Nano GenX worth the little extra premium it commands over its earlier avatar? To answer that question, we suggest you click here to read our comprehensive review of this new boy.

Tata Nano GenX Options List

In case you feel like customizing your GenX..

Tata Nano GenX Launch (2)

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