2011 Lamborghini Jota / Murcielago successor teased


Carmakers these days have a habit a releasing teasers of their upcoming vehicles before their actual unveiling at some prestigious auto shows like the upcoming Paris Motor Show. And this practice is nothing new for Lamborghini – remember the teasers that shot onto the interwebs before the unveiling of the ‘Estoque’ concept a couple of years back? Well, they are at it again this year and what you see above is the first of six new teaser images of the Murciélago replacement (codenamed ‘Jota’) that the exotic carmaker will release before its actual unveiling at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. This image comes close on the heels of another teaser image that Lamborghini has released a few weeks back (see below). The image above seems to reveal so section near the taillights / exhaust. With little over three weeks remaining for the Paris Motor Show to get underway, expect the remaining five teasers to come out soon. Stay tuned…


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