Would you return to being an F1 fan if future cars look like this?

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Future Ferrari F1 car (1)

Formula 1 has been rather successful at making loyal fans yawn bigger and longer, every passing year. However, the folks at Ferrari haven’t given up yet, and have released pictures of what a Formula 1 car in the future should look like. Ahead of a meeting scheduled in Geneva on Tuesday, where the F1 commission will discuss future rules and regulations, Ferrari has dropped hints that making the cars look more desirable, stuff that can return to bedroom walls, should resurrect dying interest in the sport.

Future Ferrari F1 car (2)

In a couple of images revealed by the Italian car maker, where their in-house design team worked in conjunction with the F1 team’s aerodynamic department, the result is a futuristic looking Formula 1 car that doesn’t divert too much from the current regulations, yet, manages to look so much better than the current crop of silent, carbon fiber bricks. Featuring a double decker front wing, which must be tricky to replace in case of a shunt; sleek, smooth lines that extend into a large rear wing and wheels which would be as comfortable on a rap artist’s car, if they do something to make future cars difficult to drive, make them sound better and increase overtaking opportunities, some lost ground can sure be regained. If they need a case study, Motogp is where they should start learning from.

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