Mercedes C Class Dresses Up To Look Like The AMG GT R


Manufacturers often carry design cues from their flagships to their more affordable offerings. The Mercedes AMG GT R is the top dog in the maker’s portfolio and is known for its beastly power and twisted characteristics. On the other hand, the Mercedes C Class is a more affordable offering from the German carmaker and focuses on the luxury and comfort front. What if someone fuses these two together? We came across an example where the owner of a humble C Class finds success in impersonating the mighty AMG GT R!

The most prominent change you will notice is the colour in which this C-Class is wrapped in! While other carmakers were stuck around with either red, black or yellow, Mercedes made green look mean when they first unveiled the AMG GTR in ‘The Beast of the Green Hell’ shade.

Mercedes Benz C Class GT R (1)

This particular C-Class comes draped in the same shade and has received a ‘Green Hell Magno’ body wrap. Another noticeable change is the grille. Where the C-Class’ grille is all about subtlety and class, the AMG GTR follows another line. It makes sure that it looks intimidating in someone’s rearview mirror. The owner of the C-class went the same way and replaced the stock grille with one which looks like the unit on the AMG GT R.

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Mercedes Benz C Class GT R Colour

There are subtle performance upgrades too which includes a BMW replacement filter and Brembo brake pads. To make it look more in line with the GTR, Vogtland lowering springs find their way too. Stock rubber has made way for wider 235/40/18 (F) & 245/40/18 (R) Rubber. There’s no word regarding any changes on the engine front so it is safe to assume that it retains the stock 1991cc 4-cylinder petrol engine, the C 200 came with.

Mercedes Benz C Class GT R (2)

This unit is good enough for 184 bhp @ 5500 rpm and 300 nm @ 1200-4000 rpm. However, if you bring the AMG GTR into perspective, we can imagine the GTR to smash the C-Class just like the Hulk smashed Loki in ‘The Avengers’. It packs a 4.0-litre V8 Bi-Turbo engine which can propel the GT R from nought to 100 in 3.6 seconds. Other performance figures include a power output of 576 hp and a whopping 700 nm of torque!

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