Royal Enfield Classic 500 Climbs To Another Level Using A Ladder In Its Bodywork

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Climbing steps isn’t the most preferred way of attaining elevation these days. Although the act is more rewarding, it requires more effort, patience and a strong will. So when a Royal Enfield Classic 500 started harbouring desires of being one-of-a-kind and unique, Bangalore based Fullthrottle_Customs literally armed it with a ladder to help it get where it wanted to be.


And the end result is nothing short of unique either. With an unusually designed fuel tank, where half of its section is hollow and the other half has been made to look like a pivot for the ladder-like fairing, this RE has that raw industrial appeal which does help it achieve what it intended to.


Once you look beyond the kick lever which looks out of place, you’d notice that the bike’s original frame has been retained and the silver finished bodywork is just that. We like how the orange-hued leather seat provides a great contrast to all of that though and also houses a split taillamp.


The all-black front is rather skeletal and gets a single-pod meter resting near conventional bars, a twin projector, naked setup for the headlamps and traditional front forks, but hey, there’s modern rubber, wheels and brakes underneath an unusually designed front fender.


No mechanical changes were made to the motor, the drivetrain or the chassis. Like what you see? You may reach out to fullthrottle customs on their Instagram page at @fullthrottle_customs or the man behind it @iamnadeemakram.

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