VIDEO: The Tractor broke, so Paaji made his Mitsubishi Montero plough the field


When I was growing up, I would hear these stories about how some farmers in Punjab were so rich, they would drive to a Mercedes dealership with gunny bags full of cash behind their tractor, and drive out in a brand new car! When I grew up and actually went to Punjab, turns out, those weren’t just stories. This random Youtube find here confirms that too. And when you have to plough the fields of Gold, sometimes, a traditional farming tractor just isn’t enough.


What looks like a normal day on a slush filled farm in Punjab, five fully grown men are busy with some cultivating activity to feed the nation. What they’re tying the ploughing equipment to, isn’t your normal tractor though. It is a Mitsubishi Montero! An SUV which was once the chariot of movie stars and the rich and famous in India. After a stroll in the slush, the Montero gets the job done and walks away like it does it every day. We’re sure the yield must be really high in quality and rich too.

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