If you love luxury cars, the fate of this Maserati’s interior will prove hurtful


Maserati australia cabin paint

This has to be one of the most cringe-worthy sights for any car lover – a Maserati Quattroporte with white paint all over its plush interior. The incident took place in Australia and according to our understanding, this nasty spillage was down to two factors; first, the owner decides to leave a precarious tin of white paint in the back seat of his Maserati. Second, a dog (aka a man’s best friend) decides to take a tour of the road. As you can see, the combination of these two factors didn’t do the luxury car and its heartbroken owner any good. All was good, till the driver came upon the mutt and in order to save its life, he performed an emergency manoeuvre. Physics took over and flung the tin of paint forwards, thus opening up the flimsy lid and leading to a massive spillage of white paint.

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Not all is lost as the owner of this Maserati had the secure hands of insurance to back him up. Post this unfortunate incident, the RAA Insurance Company declared the paint-stricken Quattroporte a complete write-off and ended up settling for $90,000. The paint spread all over the beautiful cabin – the dashboard, doors, steering wheel, centre console, leather seats and instrument console are all soaked in a disturbing cloak of white.

This might be a very disturbing incident, but the insurance firms in Australia are used to equally unusual claims which includes a parrot eating a piece of door trim, a Mercedes-Benz that was written off after a coat hanger got lodged in the intricate convertible roof mechanism, and a Land Cruiser that was sent to the grave when pesky rats chewed their way through some electrical wires.

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