This Is India’s First Restomodded Maruti SS80

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Here’s a modified Maruti SS80 from New Delhi that made our hearts collectively flutter. Before people start throwing eggs at it for not being original, let’s take a minute or two to savour the modern day detailing on this ‘restomod’. Or the way that detailing lives harmoniously alongside the old-school demeanour of the original car. And mind you, this car is old – the number DIA 6897 suggests that this belongs to the first batch of models that were produced from 1983 – 85.



The fascia does away with the original grille, headlamps and bumper. Instead, there’s a new grille that somehow looks period correct with its asymmetrically placed Suzuki lettering. The grille is flanked by new age projector headlamps, while an exquisitely re-profiled front bumper makes way for the LED DRLs. Below the freshened fascia lies a front lip spoiler done up in a carbon fibre; both part and material feeling out of place on an old hat of a car like this. But who cares? Because it looks stunning. And precisely crafted.



The sides get new footwear, courtesy bigger, fatter tires wrapped around blacked out multi-spoke wheels. They fill up the original arches well, and give the SS80 the stance it always deserved. There’s carbon fibre side skirts and Alto badges on the front fenders. The only problem we see are with the new ORVMs. They’re modern as well, but too big and stick out like sore thumbs. A couple of chromed, hood mounted, period units would have sealed the deal.


The rear end gets a re-profiled bumper, a carbon fibre rear lip that cutely makes way for the original tail pipe and aftermarket LED tail lamps that fit the bill perfectly. There’s a carbon fibre roof spoiler as well, along with a single, asymmetrically positioned LED reversing lamp.

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Like the exteriors, the interiors have been tastefully revamped as well. The original dashboard gets a giant carbon fibre insert, the glove-box has been modified and a new centre console has been constructed to host the HVAC controls, the aftermarket head unit and an analogue clock. There’s a new floor console as well, along with re-upholstered leather seats, re-designed door panels, an Alto steering wheel, foot-well lighting and a standalone tachometer.



Details of the mechanical modifications done to this ‘restomodded’ Maruti SS80 are scarce. But there’s power steering for sure, along with air-conditioning. The levels of craftsmanship on this little thing are worth a standing applause, and the best part is that all the modifications come together and make the car looks cohesive. The project took its owner two years to complete, and here’s a pat on his back from our side.


Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified front
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified-headlamps
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified before after
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (12)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (10)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (7)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (5)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (3)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified (1)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified – interior (3)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified – interior (2)
Restomodded Maruti SS80 modified – interior (1)


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