Auto Expo 2016: Concept Baleno RS with 1.0L Boosterjet engine shows up

The Maruti Baleno RS will be launched in India around the festive season. Comes fitted with a 1.0L Boosterjet engine.


Auto Expo 2016 Maruti Baleno RS (3)

A frutier version of the recently launched Maruti Baleno hatchback made an appearance here at the 2016 Auto Expo. In a concept stage yet, this go fast version could go on sale by late 2016.

Auto Expo 2016 Maruti Baleno RS (4)

The Baleno RS is powered by a 1.0L Boosterjet engine that promises juicy performance from all its 3 cylinders, packing a 112 bhp punch and 175 Newtons of twist. Understandably, the Maruti Baleno RS will only be available in the top-of-the-line alpha variant.

Auto Expo 2016 Maruti Baleno RS (3)

Go fast visual changes on the outside include a different looking rear bumper that embeds honeycomb finish and blacked out alloy wheels.

Auto Expo 2016 Maruti Baleno RS (2) Auto Expo 2016 Maruti Baleno RS (1)

The front grille on the Baleno RS sports a mesh pattern, while the air dam has lost a few of its slats.  On the inside, sportier seats and pedals are the only differentiating factors.


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