VIDEO: These playful Mahindra Scorpios prove that happy music, the rains and dirty cars are a good mix


If you’ve been listening to Lemon Tree all day while it poured outside, here are some visuals which will inspire you to go out and play. While you can go enjoy a game of muddy football, these playful Mahindra Scorpios will give you ideas if you are a car person and it has been long since you admired the beauty of a mud splattered machine.


As the two SUVs make a splash in what looks like an empty ground filled with slush, the uploader has laced the video with happy music which adds a playful tone to the visuals. As for dirty cars, there’s something mysteriously romantic about them which instantly connects with the little boy inside a grown man’s body. Once play time is over, there’s a lot of fun to be had while hosing all that muck down too.

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