Auto Expo 2020: “STONIC” KIA Motors Crossover Experience

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The Stonic is a small SUV designed jointly by Kia’s design studios in Europe and South Korea and offers a sedated design language as compared to the Kona. It is 5 passenger capacity 998 cc front-wheel drive vehicle with an overall length of 41,40 mm, the overall width of 1,760 mm and a height of 1,500 mm. The engine is powered by a 120 PS/6000 RPM, 171 nm. motor. Automatic transmission Enjoy smooth acceleration, agile gear shifts and efficient fuel economy: choose the option of the new 7-speed auto DCT Dual Clutch Transmission with a fuel tank of 50 liters and luggage space of 352 liters. The new Stonic though does have very typically Kia cues, like the tiger-nose grille and the sleek headlamps. The Stonic also features a ‘Targa-style’ roof design that allows a very unique two-tone paint job with five different colours to choose from.

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Just like with the exterior, the Stonic will also offer owners a range of customizable interior trim colours and options. Kia has also made it a point to mention how the Stonic’s cabin has been designed with one prime priority, ergonomics, as compared to everything else. The Stonic also gets a large central touch screen with the expected inbuilt navigation, Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The Stonic will also come with a range of other gizmos including heated front seats, cruise control and key-less entry.

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On the mechanical front, the Stonic will get a range of petrol and diesel engines along with an auto or manual gearbox. The petrol engines range from a 1.25-litre and 1.4-litre naturally-aspirated units to a 1-litre turbocharged unit while the diesel engine will be a 1.6-litre unit.

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Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) Combining radar and camera data, FCA activates the brakes when it detects sudden braking by a car ahead and can stop completely from speeds up to 38 mph. If FCA senses a pedestrian ahead, it warns you. If you don’t respond, it will brake for you to avoid or lessen the impact. Grade dependent. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) When you back out of a parking spot or driveway, radar-based RCTA warns you if it detects cross-traffic in the lane the vehicle is entering. Grade dependent.  Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) Using radar to monitor the sides and rear of the vehicle, BSD uses audio-visual alerts to inform you about any vehicles in your blind spot, ensuring easier and safer lane changes. Grade dependent. Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) When you start drifting out of your lane, LKAS alerts you and even steers you back to your original position. Grade dependent.  High Beam Assist (HBA) Responding automatically to the brightness of the lights of other vehicles and road conditions, HBA switches off the high beams temporarily, to reduce glare that may affect other drivers. Grade dependent. Driver Attention Warning (DAW) To help prevent distracted or tired driving, DAW monitors driver and vehicle inputs. If it senses reduced attention, it sounds a chime and displays a warning in the Supervision cluster display.

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