VIDEO: Why you shouldn’t feel too adventurous on unknown roads, even on an adventure motorcycle


When one sets out touring on a motorcycle, encountering unknown roads which cut through never seen before landscape is natural. In a country like ours, where roads are full of surprises and cease to exist at will, one has to be extra cautious on a two-wheeler. While modern day Adventure motorcycles with their foot long suspension travel are built to take on such challenges, some of them are just too much even for these purpose-built machines to handle.


In the little clip above, a rider on his fully loaded adventure bike, replete with panniers and the works, is seen enjoying the vistas and chugging along nicely. Suddenly, the road decides to test his skills with a little act of disappearance, where it is swallowed by a ditch, only to surface out again after a brief absence. The motorcycle enters the cavity with its nose down, for that part to be hit again by the section where some tarmac mounds up into a road again. It results in a violent somersault which tears the motorcycle apart and flings the rider aside. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone and was being followed by another motorcyclist who captured the entire incident on camera.