VIDEO: A scooter rider who shouldn’t be alive, escapes with minor injuries


Let’s not make this example a blame game by discussing who was at fault. But let’s just hope that we learn from someone else’s mistake and stay alive. These horrible visuals of a scooter rider being violently tossed in the air after hitting a speeding car will definitely suggest that the rider’s soul left her body at the time of impact. But surprisingly, she escaped with some minor injuries. This video also reiterates the fact that a majority of us still don’t understand traffic rules and drive or ride like something called death doesn’t exist.


The car driver was making progress at the speed of sound when he should’ve been extremely careful as the road was passing through a town. Not just that, he doesn’t even care to notice a zebra crossing and bother to slow down well before the clearly visible paint on the road. On the other hand, the helmetless scooter rider decides to ignore all the doubts in her mind and carries on with the crossing manoeuvre, blindly trusting her life with an inconsiderate car driver. Not all of us will be lucky like this particular scooter rider and we’ll be fools if we trust others to be considerate towards our existence. As someone rightly says, it’s a jungle out there and being safe to live another day is a responsibility we need to carry on our own.

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