VIDEO: Girl and her Rossi inspired Duke 390 break stereotypes from Mumbai till Ladakh

A video log of a girl from Mumbai, her Duke 390 and their trip to far away Ladakh. She is also India's first woman moto vlogger.


Vishakha from Mumbai is India’s 1st woman Motovlogger and rides a KTM Duke 390. The description on her Youtube channel says she is a “Rossi Follower”, and one look at her motorcycle and riding gear is enough to confirm that. In this neatly arranged video, she has put a snippet about the happenings throughout her ride to Ladakh, where Rossi’s fan also encounters a hail storm while on the road.


We applaud her efforts which should certainly inspire more women to pick up a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom it offers. If you are a husband, boyfriend, brother or a dad, we hope these visuals inspire you too, to introduce the women in your life to the magic of motorcycling.

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