Video: Bentley Continental GT driven on a WRC rally stage


So this could be like Cameron Diaz acting in a Gujarati movie or Govinda as the main lead in Cameron’s Avatar. There’s something very attractive about watching people or things out of their natural habitat, out of their comfort zone, somewhere we never expect them to be. With a name that sounds like it is built to transcend continents, while it’s occupants are cosseted in luxury. The Bentley Continental GT Speed is meant to be a grand tourer that shrinks distances on the Autobahns.

The car with it’s 21 inch wheels and lowered sports suspension feels right at home in a music video flanked by rappers in pants which mistakes their knees to be the waist, Footwear that puts Jeetendra to shame and jewelry that would make a woman from South India really very jealous. Singers whose names if we translate in Hindi would sound like 50 paise and Aye kaun?

So what is a car like this doing on a Rally stage at the WRC, Raly of Great Britain? The folks at Top Gear have put Captain Slow to be the navigator, as Kris Meeke, a professional rally driver makes the Bentley and it’s 2 and a 1/2 tonne body dance on the gravel. Watch it, the way you think of a Bentley will never be the same again.

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