This Streetcar named Dzire was hit by a Storme


The previous gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire, although a great product in terms of practicality, wasn’t all that a looker. But then someone believed in its inner hidden beauty so much, they decided to transform the vehicle and create a concept Sports Car out of it. And such was the strength in their belief, they did not even consider creating a clay model or a digital render. This contraption you see here in the pictures is an actual working car!


The grim looking fascia borrows its headlights from a Safari Storme and gets a twin slat grille beneath a flat fitting bonnet that looks amazingly odd. There’s an air dam which looks like it has been picked up straight from the construction site of a rural housing project, flanked by rectangular fog lights which are stuck in the 60s.


Impressed yet? There’s more at the back, where to make things appear more cohesive, a fastback design was implemented. But maybe that space looked empty and had to be filled with something. So they slapped the spare tyre there and the result was art which only a few will understand.


In an effort to make it appeal to the masses, they painted the whole thing in a gaudy scheme of orange, black and white. Executed by Indore based Concept Combination, when we stumbled upon this masterpiece, we noticed that they also build replicas of old classics, which are truly admirable in all honesty. Made us wonder how did they manage something like this.

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