This Corridor Digital fan film for the Mad Max game is almost as good as the original film


The genius short filmmakers over at Corridor Digital are back with another short, and this time they have ramped up their already impressive game with a little help from Warner Bros Games. Essentially a slick advert for the upcoming Mad Max video game, the short follows two down on their luck War Boys (Sam and Niko, creators of Corridor Digital) as they try to score themselves some much needed guzzoline.

The only problem? They need some fresh meat to complete the transaction. Out comes charging the bearded dudes, jacked up cars, and dusty roads, a whole lot of gory splatter, and a smattering of cannibalism in true Mad Max style.

The comedy and attention to detail in the universe is spot on, as it almost always is with Corridor Digital. And if you are interested in how a small studio run by a group of friends came up with a short that rivals Industrial Light and Music’s best, check out the making of, also embedded below.

Mad Max for PS4, XBOX One, and PC comes out September 1st.

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