If Babies Were To Be Named After Cars : We Round Up Some Fantastic Choices


I’ve been told that the weather outside today is ideal to make babies. And since the conversation about family planning also involved pets, I was handed over with the responsibility to come up with a list of names which had to sound really cool. My mind was somehow conscious of this one particular funny man, who was amused at how parents these days are obsessed with names which started with the sound ‘Aa’, to which you could simply add your gale lag jaa. So I had to steer clear of something that sounded like Aahaana, Aakanksha, Aananya, Aankchoo, or Aankchee.

Miraya, the youngest member in team Motoroids, is about a year and a half old. For a name that could easily be etched on a sports car from Italy, she already runs around the house like a Miura, while her diesel sipping father tries hard to keep up. One particular friend of mine wanted to name his daughter ‘Z’, just the letter, and pronounce it like the Americans. I wanted to suggest adding ‘CB’ as a prefix. But then his wife interfered and added three more letters to the Zee for some sense to prevail. It appeared to me then, given the task at hand, I could do well to dig for some names in the automotive world.


Read these names out loud in your mind. Giulia Sharma, Giulia Hussain, Giulia Chhabra, Giulia Pillai, Giulia Raut, Giulia Das, Guilia Robert Vadra, and Giulia Parekh. Congratulations! If you noticed how it is one of those rare non-desi names which goes well with our surnames too. It sounds like a lovely name and I love the way it’s spelt too. As if Alfa Romeo wasn’t killing enough for sounding so cool. They went on to add Giulia. If names could kill and do it softly, this is it. Some say it’s killing the M3 too.


If you’ve named your daughter Roshni, her nickname has to be, needs to be, Subaru. If you ask, why? Because Subarrruuuuuuuu….Rosssshniiiiii…..hai! You’re Imprezzive if you get it!


Because Quattroporte takes too much time to pronounce and this one fits your four-legged beloved just perfect. Sounds nippy, grippy and happy.


If you name your child after the sportscar brand instead of Pooja and she grows up to be Dhinchak, at least she’d be a Porsche. A Dhinchak Porsche. Think about it. The most famous Pooja these days boasts about driving around in an Audi. But your child will be born as a Porsche.



Sounds like royalty if it’s a girl. There’s Aurelia, Aprilia, Artea, Astena, and Astura too if you still are hungover on the letter ‘A’. If it’s a boy, you’ve got an alternative in Stratos.



Home to the famous Daytona 500, the name also travelled all the way from Florida to Maranello to find itself sitting next to a Ferrari. The unofficial Daytona name is reported to have been applied by the media rather than Ferrari and commemorates Ferrari’s 1-2-3 finish in the February 1967 24 Hours of Daytona with a 330 P3/4, a 330 P4 and a 412 P. To this day, Ferrari itself only rarely refers to the 365 as the “Daytona”, and refer to it as an “unofficial” name. And then there was this amazing thing called the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe.

Megane & Clio


Both the Renault Megane and Clio get Cup and Trophy variants respectively, which are go-fast iterations of these cute, French hatches. For the size, they punch well above their weight and pack a lot of bite.



An icon, a thing of beauty and seriously fast. The Chevrolet Corvette is also colloquially called as the ‘Vette’ and for a very long time, was one of America’s best answers to Europe when it came to building desirable, and seriously fast cars.



A word for sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behaviour, the Chevrolet Caprice was once the most popular American car in the sixties. It is now built by Holden for the Australian and Middle Eastern markets where you can spec one with an L77, 6.0-litre V8 that cranks out 355 hp.



With a mid-mounted V12 and looks like those, the Lamborghini Countach was out to kill. And it didn’t just kill, it massacred for the way it looks. The word Countach is an exclamation of astonishment in the local dialect. We love how it sounds. If this doesn’t cut it though, how about Miura?

Those are some of the names we could recall, along with Shelby, Bentley, Elise, Celica, Imola, Arnage, Lexus and Tesla. Having troubled my brain, I stepped out for a little walk. Which is when this little fellow blurted out an expletive really loud, realised I heard him, and rather than being sorry, looked at me like I was the one being uncool. There, at that very moment, I dropped the idea of raising a family. If your plan is still on track though, feel free to refer to this list if you’re short on inspiration for names. Feel like helping others? Leave a comment with what you think we’ve missed out on. We’re sure there must be a lot.

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