Drunk Chennai Man Ditches His Audi And Drives Back Home In an Ambulance


The world becomes a blur and bizarre ideas do cross your mind when you’ve guzzled down a few pegs. However, if you decide to top up that condition with a few more, your senses simply decide to leave you to the stupidity and walk out. Perhaps this is what happened with this businessman from Chennai who was so wasted, he drove a rickety Ambulance back home instead of his expensive Audi. We aren’t sure if it was the attraction of the beacon and the siren or the comfort of the stretcher inside which lured him. Maybe he was so sure of crashing into a tree, he thought he wouldn’t have to waste time waiting when it happens.


This seeds of this bizarre incident were sown when reportedly, this businessman arrived at the hospital in his Audi to get a friend admitted who had suffered from injuries. Whilst exiting the hospital, the man was so wasted, he drove away in the hospital’s ambulance instead of the Audi. He drove that thing for 13 km till he reached home, which is when his family members realised that he had driven back in the wrong car. In the meanwhile, the Hospital staff realised that their Ambulance had gone missing and notified the cops about it at 3 am.


A team from a nearby night patrol reached the hospital and had started to make enquiries, when a man, who is said to be the businessman’s driver, drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologised saying his boss had mistakenly driven it home. When the cops enquired further, the driver said his boss was so wasted, he couldn’t differentiate between his own car and the ambulance! Which is ridiculous if you consider that the Omni is a bare-bones stick shift van with no metal ahead of the windscreen, whereas, the Audi is a premium automatic with a lot of jing bang inside.

How he managed to modulate the clutch and row the gears in such a state is a mystery. Who left the keys inside the Omni or did the man stitch cables is also a mystery. What kind of alcohol does this to you can be an interesting investigation. What seems more plausible though, is that maybe he was trying to hide his car after an incident. An FIR has been filed and the man will be investigated by the Chennai Police.

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