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Honda CB Unicorn 160 Goodness Cult

If you were to complete the sentence “You meet the nicest people…….” the answer of 90% of the respondents would be ‘on a Honda’. While Honda came (wholly owned subsidy) to India only in 2001, the commercial for Honda describing itself as a ride for nice people is in existence from the 1960’s when most of you were not even born. And in ways more than one, the brand has lived by its values. That can only happen when the products reflect the essence of the brand and value to carry the image forward. Honda came to India and launched a product in a segment which was losing market so fast, it would have become extinct – scooters. However, the simplicity of riding the Honda Activa gave wings to fairer sex. Soon the Honda wings were adopted by their brothers, fathers and husbands for city commuting. Then came the Unicorn – a bike which  we felt was one of the best 150 cc bikes one could buy, even 10 years after its launch:

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Honda kept expanding their product line to cater to every customer segment – whether it was the mileage conscious office commuter riding the 110cc Honda Dream to his first job or whether it was Mr. CEO out on a weekend ride on open highways on his Honda Goldwing.

Honda CB Unicorn 160 Goodness Cult 2

Recently, Honda launched the much awaited upgrade to the CB Unicorn by giving it a bigger heart and new muscular body. (Launch of Honda CB Unicorn 163 cc) Traditionally the Unicorn has been an embodiment of goodness for its segment. The motorcycle has offered impeccable value, reliability, performance and comfort to its buyers for a decade now. Celebrating all that is good about the CB Unicorn, Honda, upon the launch of the new, upgraded version of the bike have come up with the concept of ‘THE GOODNESS CULT’. “What is the ‘Goodness Cult’?” you might ask. So here it is:

  • Honda will create a world that is full of people who are the embodiment of goodness that is two-fold
  • This Cult is all about goodness that is inside and out. People who stand out both for their good looks and their good heart.
  • Users will nominate people around them who are either 1. Good looking, or people who are 2. Good at heart or both.
  • The good looking nominated people will reside on the looks section (looks good) of the bike, while the people nominated for their good deeds will reside on the performance section (is good) of the bike. Further relating to features of the Motorcycle.
  • People can also be get nominated for both looks and performance.
  • The top 10 nominations will receive Honda merchandise.

We at Motoroids believe that everyone is beautiful and good looking. What makes you stand out is how good your heart is. So grab that mouse and nominate your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister if you think they are the nicest people who the world should meet, on a Honda. You could be the one riding along them when they win attractive accessories & merchandise.

Time to be part of the Goodness Cult, visit the site ‘ Invite your friends and family to be part of the goodness cult and have them nominate the best people for the ‘CULT’. Use #GoodnessCult to invite more people to participate and vote for your nominee

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