Video : Overspeeding Ferrari F430 driver avoids a horrific crash by a whisker

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Ferrari F430 almost crashed

When you’re behind the wheel of a modern Ferrari, especially a 490 bhp F430, an empty stretch of tarmac is when the laughs start to come. But that said, one must watch their twitchy right foot, especially if it’s a public road. This particular F430 driver got into a bit of crisis, and came out unscathed, thanking his stars.

Apparently, this guy was on a test drive, and was obviously overspeeding on what appears to be a relatively empty, straight stretch of road. In the blink of an eye, a Mercedes A Class pops up in front from nowhere. Our man sees it too late, panics and hits the brakes hard. To avoid a collision, he swerves left, only to see another Mercedes, this time a C Class, coming from the opposite side.

Ferrari F430 almost crash

Some guardian angel must be watching over him, and along with a bit of help from the Ferrari’s electronics, he managed to miss hitting the C Class by a whisker, after a brief fight with the wheel and a pair of soiled boxer shorts. The F430’s passenger appears to be unfazed, and gives him the thumbs up for avoiding a fatal crash.

Watch the small clip below:

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  • Rahul says:

    That guy knew there was a car infront and still decided to go at it a million miles an hour.. It was sheer luck and the cars electronics that kept him alive.. Not sure why these people cant hit a track.. its not like they live in countries where there are no tracks nearby..