This sensational Ferrari 488 GTB video will make you lust for everything from Maranello

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Ferrari 488 GTB video

Ferrari, in association with Pennzoil have released the first part of what seems like a series of videos to promote its sensational 488 GTB supercar. The 488, draped in a sporty yellow is shown blitzing through the streets of Barcelona.

The video begins at a racetrack, where the sponsors Pennzoil are subtly placed. After dazzling us with some sideways action on the racetrack, the low slung sportscar shoots from under the barrier while the guard listens to music with his phones on. Thereon, its a sight to behold, with one of the best driver’s car in the world shown taking on the sumptuous streets of Barcelona in the dead of the night. That exhaust note, along with those tyres spewing out smoke constantly and the tail-pipes throwing flames would make the heart of an aficionado throb hard almost instantly. The twin turbo, 3.9 litre V8 with more than 660 hp of power and 760 nm of torque looks absolutely spectacularly when let loose on the Barcelona streets doing the graveyard shift.

Check this video out, you’d want to own this beauty almost instantly

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