The New 488 Challenge Evo Is Ferrari’s Latest Track Weapon

Italian Sportscar manufacturer, Ferrari, recently unveiled the new track-focused version of the 488 and called it the 488 Challenge Evo.

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Italian Sportscar manufacturer, Ferrari, recently unveiled the new track-focused version of the 488 and called it the 488 Challenge Evo. This new racecar gets the Evo package to help maximise the aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics by improving downforce and enhancing the performance of the car. The interior and exterior design cues of the Challenge Evo are heavily inspired by the FXX-K Evo and the 488 GTE. Have a look at the car below:

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ferrari 488 challenge evo 1

In terms of design and dimensions, the 488 Challenge Evo gets an altered front bumper to improve overall downforce and optimise the balance of the car, while the radiator grille intakes have now been lengthened to provide the front brakes with efficient cooling. The lower part of the bumper now also gets a large splitter with turning blades at the ends to improve control and the direction of the airflow from the side vents. These changes provide the car with an extra 50% downforce than the current 488 Challenge.

ferrari 488 challenge evo 3

The braking system now includes a number of innovations that help the car maintain its performance throughout a race. Also, there is a significant reduction in brake wear, thanks to the adoption of a new front disc design and larger rear discs. The new 488 Challenge Evo is fitted with a set of new Pirelli tyres. The front tyres are 275/675-19 and the rear tyres are 315/705-19. During the seven months of development, the new tyre was not only tested in the laboratory but was also tested on the new car across various European circuits, including Vallelunga, Mugello, Le Castellet and Silverstone. This helped Ferrari and Pirelli to ensure greater consistency in lap times during a long run session.

ferrari 488 challenge evo 4

The interior of the Challenge Evo gets a decidedly racing character, thanks to the integrated paddle shift that significantly improves ergonomics so that the driver can always keep their hands in an ideal position. This helps the driver concentrate on the tarmac and still be able to control the car with ease. The car also gets a new ABS management strategy incorporated in the manettino (steering-mounted dials), using which the driver can select four different driving modes: 2 dry modes and 2 wet modes. Apart from all this, the car also gets a new rear camera derived from the 488 GTE, which has specially been introduced in response to feedback from the participants from various series across the world, thus improving rear visibility. The new components and improvements introduced with the 488 Challenge Evo will also be available as upgrade kits for existing cars.

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